Courses: Hip-Hop and Break Beats

The cultural revolution that is hip-hop spawned entirely new forms of dance. Many styles, such as break dancing, originated on the streets and slowly found their way into dance competitions and official venues. This growing and highly respected art form is something KMDA specializes in. All avenues.

This class is a fast-paced lesson in the history of the hip-hop genre. From the break beats of the early eighties and the sounds of DJ Afrika Bambaataa and Kool Herc to the latest high hat bass drop or smooth track, this class offers nonstop movement and a fun workout to boot.


Taught by our hip-hop gurus, the core class is suitable for adults and children of all levels. There is also an additional class just for crew members of all ages, where they learn the dance moves for an eclectic mix to compete for titles and scholarship. LIL' Rascals, One Mo'Gin, Ruckus Crew, KMDA Crew.

Course Pricing
Courses for hip-hop and break dancing are available in weekly 60-minute or 90-minute open sessions. For private lessons, please contact us.

Single session $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
Ten-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
20-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
30-class series $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.
Unlimited classes $--.-- 60 min. / $--.-- 90 min.

Payment plans are available upon request with fundraisers for all company and crew members

Check out some of the past guest teachers and master classes along with some of KMDA's action shots in the photo gallery below.

Where to Find the Studio

Kinetic Movement Dance Academy
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Our dance academy is open during the following hours:

Monday 4:45pm - 9:30pm

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Saturday 9:30am - 2:30pm

Studio News

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