Krista Allen
Krista Allen is KMDA's owner and artistic director. She has been teaching proffessional dance for 30+ years! With an extremely impressive background in HipHop, Contemporary, Ballet, and Jazz, along with a degree in Sports Medicine and a degree in Dance, Krista Allen has accomplished more than your average proffessional choreographer. She enjoys going to the gym and relaxing with her pugs!


Samuel Ray

Samuel has been with KMDA since the beginning. He’s a dancer in the day and a Pro-am Strongman by night, who knew the big guys could move like that?! With a degree in Sports Medicine and a degree is Musical Engineering, Samuel specializes in HipHop, more notably, popping and Krumping. Not only is Samuel our head HipHop instructor, he is also our Operations Manager. Question’s about enrollment? He’s your guy!